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Numerous projects and commissions continue to develop, as do my creative aims.  Photography is ever present, but is adapted to other formats like sculpture, multimedia and furniture design.  I make my first sculptures using a new technique, ChromaLuxe. A technique I use in the creation of a monumental installation, Crescend’O, which is inaugurated at the headquarters of Beobank. And I take part in the parcours Uptown design in Brussels where on view are my first coffee tables made in collaboration with a Belgian arts iron craftsman.  My photographs and sculptures are shown in Paris and London by the Pascal Janssens Gallery, and am represented at major international art fairs.  A sale at Christie’s during "Paris Photo" confirms the interest of collectors for my work.


Uptown Design 2015, Brussels, curated by Kunty Moureau

September 2015

"294" Pop-Up Group Exhibition, Brussels

May 2015

Inside Treasures, Espace Cassina, Dominique Rigo, Brussels, curated by Kunty Moureau

April 2015

Color Your Life, Spot U Art, Brussels

March 2015


Scent Of Abstract, The Mezzanine, Rossi Contemporary, Brussels

November 2014

D-Side & Spot U Art, Brussels

June 2014

Art Paris 2014, Grand Palais Paris, Stand Galerie Pascal Janssens

March 2014

Art 14 London, Olympia Hall, Stand Pascal Janssens Gallery

February 2014


Mythic 27, Espace Cardin, Paris

December 2013

All images, © Yves Ullens - Traqueur de Lumières