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2022 is a special year as it is the launch of the artistic movement "The Borders". This movement aims to bring together artists of abstract photography whose main work is related to abstract painting. "The Borders" will bring together artists and support abstract photography through exhibitions and publications.

Alongside this exciting adventure, I will continue to exhibit my constantly evolving "Like a Painting" series and develop projects on new media (NFT, Skate boards...).



Encounter, Sylvie Dupont & Yves Ullens, Maison Strebelle,

Brussels (Belgium) April 2024


The Borders - Brussels, Marc Minjauw Gallery,

Brussels (Belgium) October 2023

Timeline - Yves Ullens, Rasson Art Gallery,

Knokke (Belgium) September 2023

Summer Group Show, Marc Minjauw Gallery,

Brussels (Belgium) May 2023

The Borders, New European Art Movement, MOB-ART Studio,

Luxembourg (Luxembourg) May 2023

Louise Abstract !, Marc Minjauw Gallery, Brussels (Belgium)

February 2023


écrin de Lumière, Le Beau à Une Adresse, Brussels (Belgium)

December 2022

Art's Moving Group Show, Marc Minjauw Gallery, Brussels (Belgium)

December 2022

MOB-ART Studio fait son marché, MOB-ART Studio,

Luxembourg (Luxembourg) November 2022

Yves Ullens LikeAPainting II, Marc Minjauw Gallery, Brussels (Belgium)

September 2022

Amazing Works, Amazing Place, Living Architecture,

Brussels (Belgium) June 2022

Spring Group Show, Marc Minjauw Gallery, Brussels (Belgium)

May 2022

Affordable Art Fair 2022, MOB-ARTstudio, Brussels (Belgium)

March 2022

All images, © Yves Ullens - Traqueur de Lumières