Exhibitions catalogues and monographs


2019         Recent Works, Rasson Art Gallery (Tournai), Mark, Hachem Gallery (Paris) & Pascal Janssens Gallery (Ghent)


2018         Urban Traces, Samuel Maenhoudt Gallery, Knokke


2017         "Yves Ullens Urban Traces Project", MM Gallery, Brussels


2015          Yves Ullens. Scent of Abstract, artist’s book published on the occasion of the exhibition

                   at Rossi Contemporary, limited to 100 copies, Brussels, 2015 (texts of Bernard Drion)


2012         "Yves Ullens Fascinating Lights", BIL editions (Banque Internationale à Luxembourg), Luxemburg.
                  (texts by François Pauly, Caroline Bouchard)


2009         Exhibitions “Haute Couture” collection and “Just Ready to Wear” collection by Yves Ullens,

                  Smets Ellipse et Smets Concept Store, Kirchberg & Strassen, Luxemburg, (text by Christine De Naeyer)


2006         "Yves Ullens Full Colours", Alexia Goethe Gallery, London, (text by Christine De Naeyer)

                   Yves Ullens de Schooten, Rond-point des Arts editions, coll. Monographie d’artiste, Brussels.

                   (texts by Sophie Dauwe & Jean-Jacques Serol, Christine De Naeyer).


2003         "Water & Light Vibrations", Ethnic Design editions, Miami, (text by Bernard Drion du Chapois)

                  "Yves Ullens de Schooten Etats de Lumières", Young Gallery, Brussels, (text by Bernard Drion du Chapois)

Press (selection)


2020          Les couleurs de la lumières, l'Art vues, April 23rd 2020.

                   Le Républicain d'Uzès et du Gard, n°3779, 27th February to 4th March 2020, p.7.


2019           La Libre Belgique, November 21th 2019.


2015           Paris-Match Belgique, n°175, December 17th-26th 2015.

                    Juliette & Victor Magazine, n° 48, April – May, Belgium, p. 37.

                    “Inside Treasures” by Kunty Moureau in Villas, n° 90, Belgium.

                    Gaël Belgium, September, p. 189.

                    Extra Maxx (Sud Presse), August 15th-16th 2015.

                    “Uptown Design 2015, a limited edition” in Gentleman, June.


2012           “Let there be light !” by Frédéric Jarry in BigBook Brussels, Summer, p. 68-71.


2011           “Les étranges images d’Yves Ullens” in Wolvendael, n° 568, Belgium, p. 8.


2010           “Yves Ullens colorie les rêves” in La Libre Essentielle Focus, 27 & 28 November, p. 28.

                    “Art and the City” by Raoul Buyle in Elle Déco Belgique, June, p. 80.


2009           “Yves Ullens. Enchantment and Mystery” by Christine De Naeyer in ISEL Levenkunst/l’Art de Vivre,

                    n° 29, mars – avril, p. 24 and 111.

                    “Yves Ullens. Enchantment and Mystery” in Arte News, April, p. 7.


2007           “Yves Ullens de Schooten. Le plasticien des lumières” by Sophie Dauwe and Jean-Jacques Serol in Places to be,

                    September, p. 68-69.

                    “No Limits à la Young Gallery” by Magali Eylenbosch in Guest Magazine, n°1, April, p. 154-155.

                    “Le passeur de lumières ” in Weekend, Le Vif, L’Express, March 2, p. 70.

                    “Traqueur de lumières. Yves Ullens à la Young Gallery ” in La Libre Match, March 15-21, p. 114.

                    “No Limits” in Elle Deco, n°162, April, p. 18.

                    “Yves Ullens de Schooten. No Limits ” in L’Eventail, n°4, April, p. 99.

                    “Yves Ullens à la Young Gallery” in Arte News, March, p. 10.

                    “No Limits” in Steps Magazine, February 26-March 11, p. 30.


2006           “Mers en Lumières” in Vannes Mag, March-April, p. 14.

                    “Festival de la Photo. Regard croisés sur la mer ” in Le Télégramme, April 17.

                    “Festival de la Photo de Mer : le jour des clichés officiels ” in Le Télégramme, April 15, p. 17.

                    Réponses photo, April 2006.


2005           “The Light Fantastic” in Canon Professional Services, online magazine, n° 13.

                    “Yves Ullens de Schooten : Light Expressions ” in Arte News, December, p. 10.


2004           “Yves Ullens de Schooten Traqueur de Lumières” by Geoffroy d’Ursel in L’Eventail, April, p. 57-59.

                    “Yves Ullens de Schooten : Color Changes” in Arte News, June, p. 81.

                    “Côté création contemporaine” in Evènement Art 2005, December, p. 30-33.


2003           “Peintre ou Photographe ? ”by Sophie Dauwe et Jean-Jacques Serol in Arte News, December, p. 40-43.

                    “Yves Ullens de Schooten et Thomas Defays” by Geoffroy d’Ursel in Les Tribunes du Prestige,

                    n° 3, January-February, p. 85-86.

Audiovisual medias (Internet, TV, video, DVD, radio)


2019           "Yves Ullens éclaire la mode" by Coralie Tilot, www.eventail.be, December 10th 2019.

                    Uptown Design 2019, Yves Ullens & Gauthier Poulain, BXFM Brussels, September 11th 2019.


2015           RCF Liège radio, “C’est l’heure du goûter” hosted by Philippe Cochinaux, December 15, from 16:30 to 17:30.

                    BXFM radio, hosted by Philippe Sala and Barbara Delleur, Monday October 5, from 12:00 to 13:00.

                    Le Centre FM radio, “Décibelge”, hosted by Harmonie Rouffiange, Friday October 9, at 18:00.


2014           Yves Ullens. "Crescend’O", documentary on DVD, produced and directed by Studio 77, Brussels, 7min.

                    (conception, production and installation of the monumental photo-sculpture at BeoBank in Brussels).


2012           Yves Ullens. "Wonders of Light", documentary on DVD, produced and directed by Emove

                    (Gauthier Demaret & Lofti Bendimered), Brussels, 17min.


2011           "Murmures de Lumières". Yves Ullens, documentary on DVD, produced and directed by Emove

                    (Gauthier Demaret & Lofti Bendimered), Brussels, 12min41s (Installation of the monumental work

                    Metamorphosis at BKCP in Brussels).


2010           RTL info, New Belgium Ambassy in Pékin


2007           Move-on TV, reportage, 4min15s


2006           L’Hebdo (France 3 Ouest, French regional TV), interview, 4min15


2003           Ethnic Design Gallery Miami, video, 1min


All images, © Yves Ullens - Traqueur de Lumières