Destination Tables, 2015

 I created and launched in september 2015 my very first design object being a coffee table model called Destination. This title is a tribute to my grandmother Maria Theresa Ullens, an archaeologist, lecturer, photographer, and above all, a great traveler. Each Destination represents a visual, which is an original photographic work created especially for the collection of this furniture. The brushed steel base is drawn and designed by Hughes d’Oultremont, a talented young Belgian artisan ironworker.


Each coffee table model is available in 2 sizes:

- Large model: 152 x 102 x 40 cm, a limited edition of 5 copies + 2 artist’s proofs

- Medium model: 122 x 82 x 40 cm, a limited edition of 10 copies + 2 artist’s proofs


The public discovered with enthusiasm my two new coffee table design at the famous Belgian couturier Natan’s place, Destination Paris and Destination Berlin were proposed as an invitation to travel. Each used photograph reflects my feelings about the atmosphere, as well as the vibrations  of a city where the shooting took place.


These two coffee table design entitled Destination are the beginning of a furniture collection,whose visuals illustrate a different city each time. These tables will be offered for sale in design or art galleries in the photographed cities, like Paris and Berlin, and other destinations are currently being created.





Destination Brussels

Destination Paris

Destination Berlin

Destination Dublin

Destination Edimburg

Destination Los Angeles

Destination Melbourne

Destination Milan

Destination Sydney

Destination Tokyo