Yves Ullens - LikeAPainting

Yves Ullens has always had a passion for painting.  But it is with his own photography that he began exploring light, color and composition.  Photography allows him to capture images, with different abstract interpretations, of the subjects he photographs.


In 2019, Yves Ullens began painting in acrylic on paper and canvas.  First and foremost a photographer, Ullens then decided to photograph his painted works - generating an innovative breakthrough in abstraction - in terms of composition, strength, and balance of colors.  The paintings are not intended to be exhibited, rather they serve as subject matter for his future abstract photographs.  His paintings in this way, become "Templates" designed to give birth to photographic works, in a collection called LikeAPainting.  One template is used to make a body of 2 to 10 photographic works.  Printing with archival pigmented ink on paper or canvas, a technique that comes very close to painting, the artist achieves an intentional visual confusion.
Like a painting, his large-format artworks (53.1 x 78.7 in / 135 x 200 cm) are created in unique editions of one.


All images, © Yves Ullens - Traqueur de Lumières